September 24, 2011

last day of summer

We celebrated the last day of summer today... even though the last day was yesterday.
(Whatever, they don't own us. We do what we want.)
We hiked up Higgins Point, a child friendly hike. Good thing because I tried hiking the M in Missoula once and nearly died.
Then we went swimming.
Then we had Blizzards from DQ.
Then we were exhausted.
Then I went home and folded laundry.
Then I was in a bad mood.

Lucy, aka Deb.

Lily... child has style.

Me n' Mr Higgins. I asked him to marry me, he was oddly silent.
Just yew wait 'enry 'iggins, just yew wait. Yew'll be sorry, but yer tears will come to late.

Seriously, who else wears their church shoes to go swimming?

Lily doesn't get her sense of fashion from Karen. Poor Karen.

Beauty pageants want me.

Beauty pageants want me too...

My new favorite picture of Karen. Poor Karen.

I love this one of Molly chillaxing on Moma's back. Sweet moment.

Favorite picture of the day.
Swimming in her church shoes and a big, fat flower... little Miss Fashionista.

Later this year, when I'm shivering and crying uncontrollably because of the freezing cold tundra outside, I'll look at this post and gather warmth from it.

Not Looking Forward To Winter