September 21, 2011


Kelly posted more ladies retreat pictures on facebook.
I have no idea how she knew I wanted them. It's not like I was hinting or anything. Or complaining about her lack of posting interesting pictures or anything.
God must've told her.

Anyhoo. Here's some pictures of the games!

The toothbrush game. The point was to get the toothbrushes on the hat brim, walk across the room looking cross eyed, and deposit the toothbrushes into another set of cups.
Also, I love the way Talia is looking so adoringly at her toothbrush. Toothbrush, you make my heart sing.
I lost that game.

The boiled egg game. Using a wide rubberband/headband thingy, you carried the egg from one side of the pavilion to the other and gently placed the egg on a new water bottle.
Also, I have a weird chinese pigtail thing going there.
I lost that game.

The M&M-on-a-pencil-that-was-attached-to-your-ears-via-string game. The idea was to pull the M&M up to your mouth and eat it.
Also, my M&M never stuck to the pencil. So I just ate it off the floor.
I lost that game too.

Playing spoons. Don't let our calm appearance fool you. This game was anything but calm.
You can't see Kelly, but that doesn't mean The Brute wasn't there. She's lurking behind the camera... taking a break from slaughtering all us innocents. Playing spoons isn't good for my heart's well-being. Spoons is the tensest game ever. What if I don't get a spoon??? What if I'm out??? Keep your eye on the spoon... who cares if you have four of a kind.. somebody else will get it and then you'll see them make a grab and you can grab too. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out... Where's my brown paper bag when I need it? Dear God, please help me get a spoon.
You can see how spoons might be detrimental to my health.
On the bright side... I won this game 3 or 4 times! It's the only game I ever won.
But only after Kelly went to bed.