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These aren't actually crafts, but I found the ideas on Craftgawker so... let's not get all technical about it.

Cute toast:

Stolen from Cute Food For Kids.

Toast + jam + piped cream cheese = cute toast.
I'd  love to take the credit for that cute toast picture.
However, I had to steal it because my cute toast... wasn't cute. All I had were four or five giant, monster icing tips and you wouldn't believe the amount of cream cheese those tips plopped out onto the girls toast.
Good thing the girls like cream cheese. Because they got lots the day I made them cute toast.

Chocolate spoons:

Did someone say chocolate? In a spoon? Can this get any better?
It cannot.
I made these for the girls stockings. And then I ate whatever chocolate didn't fit in the spoons.
And here's what chocolate spoons look like when you're a really talented chocolate spoon maker...

Pretty, huh?
I like my own chocolate spoons pretty well, but I love how pretty those ones are.
Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.
Melted chocolate + poured in a spoon + decorated with candy = very edible.

Toilet paper roll owls:

Aren't they so cute?
They were so easy to do too. Very stress free.
Also the toilet paper rolls were free.
Moma happened to have a bunch of them in the top of her closet.
I'm still wondering what she was saving them for.

To make these, you'll need a toilet paper roll and markers.
Fold down one end of the roll for the ears. (Do owls have ears? They do in my book since I don't know what those pointy thingys are.)
Draw your owl. (Click here and here if you want to see the photos that inspired our owls.)
Give it to your kid.
Tell her to fill the owl in with whatever marker colors she likes.
The end.

The owl in the background of those last two pictures is my owl. I did it myself.
The look on my owl's face is amazingly like the look on my face when I went to Walmart the other day and asked some grungy looking guy back in the tire/lube if he could change my windshield wipers out because they've never worked right.
And he said, What kind do you want? Do you want blah blah blah wipers, or greek hebrew and latin wipers?
And I looked at him like my owl looks. Blank, confused, and slightly cross-eyed.
And he looked at me and then at the half chewed candy cane in my hand and then back at me and said, Nevermind. I'll just do the blah blah blah wipers.
And I said, Yeah I like those kind. They're my favorite kind of wipers. Also, Dove is my favorite chocolate that Walmart carries. Because I didn't want him to know I didn't know what the heck he just said.

And then the next day, Moma tried talking code to me.
She doesn't know how to talk in the secret language me and Karen use in front of the girls. Me and Karen really do have a secret language. We like to use it in front of the girls when we want to discuss things like where our chocolate is stashed and other grave matters of state, and it drives the girls crazy and they're like, What are ya'll saying? Huh? What? Tell us! And me and Karen are like, Ya'll can't know... *secret language, secret language, secret language*. It's alot of fun.
Anyway, Moma doesn't know the secret language and she also knows I can't spell out loud, so the other day Lily came over and Moma tried her own secret code on me.

Moma, looking at Lily wrapped up in a blankie, sitting beside me:  Maybe you can give her some H?

Me:  ... H? H2O? What?

Moma:  You know! With M's!

Me:  But... we don't have any M&M's...

Moma:  Swiss!

Me:  Cheese???

Moma:  It makes you warm and fuzzy!!!

Me, the lightbulb finally flickering:  Oh! Hot chocolate???

I wore my owl face throughout the duration of this conversation. Blank, confused, and slighty cross-eyed.
And after that, Lily wanted M&M's, cheese sticks, and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

So much for code.


  1. I was just laughing, out loud, and Mikenzie is like what, mom?, What is so funny. I could just picture you talking to the tire/lube guy and the expression he prolly had on his face. Hilarious!!!!

  2. Hi Sunny! Just so you know, I gave you an award on my blog :) You dont get any money or anything, but thought you'd like to know ;)


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