January 22, 2012

craft diy: what you do when it snows

It's been snowing pretty much all week.
After hardly any snow this winter, I guess God is making up for it.
One of my friends posted on facebook that her little boy was so excited about all this snow, he had been praying for it.

I don't appreciate his prayer life. At all.

What you do when it snows: you stay inside if you have half a brain.
I like to think I have one of those (But a whole one. Not just a half.) so since it started snowing, I've mostly been indoors where it's warm. Also there's this cool thing inside called an electrical outlet. I can plug my hot glue gun into it. There isn't one outside.
There's so many reasons for me to stay inside, you see.

I made a few of Lily's Pinkalicious party hats and they're so stinkin' cute!
If I do say so myself. (Inspiration photos, right here.)
They were seriously one of the easiest things I've ever done.
Very quick to make, and no hassle.

And me and the girls made our melted crayon heart Valentines. (Tutorial, right here.)
They were hard work. Only because I made a few mistakes though.
I'm going to make more, but I learned a few things not to do so it should be easier next time.

1. You must, absolutely must, use Crayola crayons. Cheapy crayons don't stay separated. They melt and all the colors run together and create a whole new color unseen by mankind before. It was okay, but I prefer the chunky, separated color look. Also, when they melted, it was like all the dark color rose to the top of the heart and then a weird whitish color was on the bottom.

2.  Don't leave the crayons in the oven for too long. For one, it stinks like no other. For another, I think leaving them in for too long might have also had something to do with all the crayon colors melting into each other and creating a whole new color unseen by mankind before. They were pretty much boiling by the time I took them out.
I didn't time how long I left them in. I didn't think it mattered.
Now I'm pretty sure it mattered.

3.  Hot glue doesn't stick to crayon hearts. I tried hot gluing the crayons to the paper hearts and the glue rolled itself into a little ball and flopped off the crayon like it had a mind of it's own. I think I was supposed to use tacky glue. In the end, I hot glued all the twine and ribbon to the paper hearts instead of the actual crayons.

4. I will never again use real twine. Hoy moly. Trying to tie that stuff (and getting it to stay tied) was a nightmare. Looked cute though.

Other than all that, it was a breeze.

And then I found a DIY tutorial for leg warmers made out of an old sweater, right here.
I've never worn leg warmers. And anytime I hear the words leg warmers, I think of one time when I was at my sis-in-law's and she was folding my brother's socks and picked up one sock with a giant hole in the toes and she stuck her arm thru the sock with her hand sticking out of the hole and hollered out, This ain't no sock! This is a leg warmer!
I thought she was the funniest person ever for saying that.
Anyway, I made the leg warmers. I happened to have a sweater that I never wear. It's pink and v-neck, and I dislike pink and v-neck so it was perfect for cutting up. I'm so glad now that I've always put it back into my drawer instead of throwing it out.

I love them!
Except this is what it looks like outside right now...

... and let me tell you, cute leg warmers and ballet flats aren't exactly practical. Or warm.
So I turned them upside down.

And voila! Boot socks. Warmth. Cozy and toasty.
So much better than freezing my feet off.
I like cute, but I like warm alot better.

It isn't warm here. It snowed all week. So me and Moma went snowshoeing a couple times.
(I know what I said before about staying indoors when it snows. If you have half a brain. That's beside the point right now.)
Except we don't have snowshoes so it was more like snowbooting.
We took my friend's little baby with us because Moma was babysitting.

Little babycake loved it.
She had the brightest eyes ever when we got back inside.
Isn't she cute? Her eyes smile. Her wittle chubby, wubby cheeks smile alot too.

And okay... I'll admit, I don't hate the snow.
I love the snow. It's beautiful.
But I do hate the cold and I'm not budging on that one. I'm cold just from looking at those pictures.

Excuse me while I go put on my new leg warmers.

The One Who Shivers