January 20, 2012

the kids

I love kids.
I don't love large groups of them for long periods of times. I admit it.
But I still love kids.
And I love our kids best. Because they're ours. Also, because they're really funny and smart.

My six year old, Lone Ranger nephew, Joshua, after being told his new bike was from Santa:  Mommy, this bike isn't made by Santa. It's made in China!
Said so right there on the bike, Mommy.

My seven year old, Texan niece, Mikenzie: One of the states we've visited is Avocado. You know, where my cousins live...
We're enjoying alot of snow right now out here were I live... in northern Avocado.

My two year old, rapscallion niece, Molly, took her Tinkerbell hair clippies to Karen and Karen asked if she wanted them in her hair and Molly sang, Yeah! Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell... all da way! HAY!
That's the best Christmas song ever, right?

My big sister, Shelly, sent me this text: friend stopped by n was lookn @ ornaments kids made n talkin bout how sweet they were. When she left i walked up to tree to look at those sweet ornaments n found mini sticky that says "i dont like you".
Sibling love... there's nothing like it in the world.

It's amazing how much a little kid can do.

They can help you blow out your birthday candles.

They can stare hungrily at your birthday cake too.

They can help you vacuum.

They can defend you from boogie monsters.

They can be crafty and want to make cool things like a flower/letter banner over their bed that says, Emma loves pancakes.

They can give you fashion tips.

They can do some of the baking.

They can figure out your cell phone.

And your camera.

They can be nerds.

They can be sweet.


And they can give the bunny some major love squeezing.

They grow up fast.

I love the kids.
All eleven nieces and the one Lone Ranger nephew.
They make my heart go 'round.