January 11, 2012

hodge podge

1.  Hodge podge rhymes with mod podge.
Something to do with them both having podge at the end.
Hodge podge means random... this and that.
I use alot of mod podge.

Hodge podge, mod podge, we all drive a Dodge.


2.  I know Christmas is over, but I still have a few pictures I forgot to post.
Also, all my Christmas decorations are still up because I hate to take them down.
A) It's alot of work and B) I like all my decorations. I pack them away with such sorrow.

We had an ugly Christmas sweater party...

I bought my Christmas sweater (which is actually a sweatshirt) at the thrift store around the corner from my house for 2 bucks.
I bought some tacky teddy-bear-wearing-a-elf-suit earrings (which, unfortunately, you can't see in this photo) at the same thrift store for 25 cents.
And I bought tacky knee socks (which I rolled down so they'd be tackier) at Walmart for $2.47.

The lady checking me out at the thrift store wanted my sweater. No really, I'm not joking. She sighed and lovingly caressed the puffy paint roses and said, You're getting such a good deal for this sweatshirt!
I thought she was kidding until I noticed the sweatshirt she was wearing.
It had puffy paint kittens on it. Kittens wearing Santa hats. And building snowmen.

I told her I wished I could've found a sweatshirt like her's.

Yes, that's a stuffed reindeer sewed onto Chris' sweater. Also a stuffed penguin. Also a real stocking stuffed with real candy canes. Also many other Christmasy things.

And yep, that's Dave's wife's baby blue penguin cardigan that Dave found in her closet.
And then wore it. In front of God and everyone.
Also, Dave bravely wore his wife's baby blue penguin cardigan to church the next Sunday morning.
And then took up the offering. In front of God and everyone.

(Update: Karen just informed me that Dave bought his sweater at a thrift store just like everyone else. Dave just happened to tell me it was his wife's and he found it in her closet. And I happen to believe everything I'm told. Hopefully, I'll outgrow that when I grow up someday.)

Tim won the Ugly Sweater Trophy. It lights up when you plug it in. Very classy.
Even though you can't tell it, he was actually really happy about winning.
He even took his trophy to church and put it on the fireplace mantle for everyone to see.

3.  Speaking of the fireplace at church...

The fireplace is a new thing. Electric. Just installed last month. We all love it.
Also, it generates about enough heat to keep my pinky finger warm.
But that didn't stop a few of our guys from trying to roast marshmallows the day we lit that fireplace up for the first time, laughing like hyenas.

Yeees... they're fully grown men. Why do you ask?

4.  Look at these sweet, darling babycakes...

Little sister Lily, and youngest sister Molly.

Lily happens to like clippies.
Lucy happens to like fixing Lily's hair.
Sometimes they lock themselves together in the bathroom for awhile with all the hair stuff.


Let no clippy be left behind.

5.  Craftgawker has changed  my life. It's pathetic, but true.
I am no longer satisfied with the old Sunny Jane. I must be the new, crafty Sunny Jane who checks out Craftgawker daily and runs to Michaels every time she get the chance.
The new Sunny Jane keeps 50% off Michaels coupons in her purse for emergencies.
The new Sunny Jane dies from 40 thousand heart attacks every time she sees something cute that she wants to make.
The new Sunny Jane can't sleep until she makes aforementioned cute things.
The new Sunny Jane uses Mod Podge like her life depends on it.
The new Sunny Jane stays up until 1am making cute stuff while watching Castle and I Love Lucy reruns.

The new Sunny Jane is obsessed.

6.  The new Sunny Jane is always trying to figure out why her coupons are expired and why doesn't she clean out her purse more often?
The new Sunny Jane just found out that it is possible to get high from sniffing too much Mod Podge and Krylon Clear Coat Sealer.
The new Sunny Jane has itchy eyes from spraying herself in the face with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint.
The new Sunny Jane realized it isn't a good idea to scratch her head with the scissors while watching Castle, enthralled, because she now has less hair.

The new Sunny Jane wonders if maybe the old Sunny Jane had the right idea by staying away from crafting.

7.  The new Sunny Jane agrees with the old Sunny Jane that if she were Beckett, she'd marry Castle in about 3 seconds flat.

8.  I found these on Craftgawker today and I'm going to make them both in the near future...

Party hats made out of toilet paper rolls.

Stolen from Sauvages.

Lily's 4th birthday is coming up.
We're going to do a Pinkalicious party. Lily's a pink kind of girl.
And I'm going to make these little party hats. Only pink of course.

And for Valentines Day with the girls...

Stolen from Whipperberry.

Melted crayon hearts. Stuck to a paper heart.
And they say, You color my world.
How darn cute is that?

9.  I'm going to attempt a booth at the Farmer's Market this summer. Attempt.
It's still in the talking-about-it phase, and I haven't contacted whoever is in charge of the Farmer's Market about it yet, but it's my plan.
I'm kinda trepidatious about it.
What if I sit there all day, every Saturday, all summer, and... nothing sells? People will wave and pass by.
And finally, at the end of summer, I'll have a big sign up that says, Free. Take whatever you like. Take whatever you don't like while you're at it.

Maybe I won't do it after all.
Maybe I'll stay home where its warm and safe.

10. So just in case all my stuff flops at the Farmer's Market, I'm recruiting some of my talented and crafty friends to make stuff for the booth too.
Also, this way I'll have more stock without having to make everything myself.
I have business savvy like that.

11.  We've hardly had any snow this year. I think it may have snowed in November, but that's been pretty much it. All the other snow days have melted off before they hardly got going.
I've heard a few people complaining about it, and I'd like to say... it's my fault there hasn't been any snow.
I'm not sorry about it either.
I've prayed almost every night this winter, Please Lord, let it NOT snow. Let it be summer tomorrow. I'm super cold. Have mercy on your shivering child. My teeth can only chatter so much without cracking.
And although it hasn't exactly been summer the last couple months, we haven't had any snow.
God heard my cries and answered my prayers.

Moma got me some of those little handwarmer packets for Christmas. They were my favorite gift.

12.  I made this Key Lime Cake last year sometime and loved it.
(Even though I don't care for cake.)

It was simply delicious. So I made it again the other night when I had some girlfriends over.
I loved the cake all over again. This is what a cake should be like.
A few people asked so the link for the recipe is right here.

I'd like to say I coolly whipped this cake up and it was so easy and I looked sexy the whole time.
I'd like to say that, but I can't.
I wasn't cool at all, I was sweating. It was hard to make. It took me three hours. I never look sexy.
And I stayed up baking it until 1am the night before my friends came over because I was afraid if I waited until the day of, everything would go wrong. I'd burn it or forget to add the lemon cake mix, and then I'd be crying and wiping mascara off my face when everyone showed up, and I'd say, Give me a few minutes, guys. I have to run across the street to the grocery store and buy Oroes for dessert.

But it turned out perfectly and I'm here to say, I'm proud of me and when people said it was so good, I tried not to say, I know.
I may have slipped a few times though.

14.  I joined Pinterest.
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard in which you can save ("pin") images from whatever website you're looking at and Pinterest will save the image and website for you. Then later on when you're like, I want to make party hats out of toilet paper rolls... now where did I see that idea? And then you look thru your web history and your favorites and everything you have bookmarked and 3 hours later you're still looking with no luck and then all the sudden you're like, Wait a sec... I pinned that! And you go to Pinterest and voila, there's the picture and website for the party hats.
I pin everything now. All the cool stuff I see on Craftgawker is now saved in one spot. I love it.

13.  Fare thee well...
(Whatever you do, don't look at Craftgawker. You'll never be the same.)