April 20, 2012

diy: easy stuff

Disclaimer for this post: I couldn't write a decent tutorial if my life depended on it, but I'm more than happy to post the following links to other blogger's lovely tutorials.
And since I also couldn't take a truly awesome picture if my life depended on it and do the tutorial justice, all the following photos are borrowed.
I can never seem to come up with my own amazingly, creative ideas and therefore must live vicariously through other amazingly, creative blogger's lives. God bless all their hearts.
The end.


Don't you just love the whole DIY, upcycling, and repurposing trend?
Me too!
It's fun, it's cheaper than buying new, and it's satisfying somewhere deep down in my guttiest gut.
When I'm looking for new ideas and inspiration, I ask myself three things: Do I love it? Is it cheap? Is it easy?
... but especially is it easy? Because easy peasy = I love it, and difficult = I'll unashamedly quit halfway through the project.

So here are a few cheapy, easy DIY projects that I've found over the last couple months. 
Some of them I've tried, some not yet. But I'm getting around to it because I love them all.

1}  Pretty, pretty fabric flowers. Tutorial at Fabric Envy.

Aren't those just so pretty?
Perfect for making and gluing to hair clips for a bunch of little girls I know.
And a great way to get rid of your fabric scraps. If you have any. Which I don't. Because I hate sewing and why the heck would I have fabric scraps?
But if you have fabric scraps, you can make fabric flowers.
(Or give them to yours truly.)
(Thank you in advance.)

2}  Button hairpins. Tutorial at Craft and Creativity.

I kinda have a thing for little girl hair clips. Can't imagine why.
But seriously, how easy can you get??? 
Who doesn't have old bobby pins and buttons lying around?
I even have superglue. Except the darn lid is super glued shut, and that tube of glue has therefore been rendered useless.

3}  Bottle cap magnets. Tutorials at Craft and Creativity and at Martha Stewart.

These make great gifts. I should know. One of my friends gave me a set of four for Christmas last year and they're one of my favorite things in my kitchen. 
And you can use super cute scrapbook paper instead of photos, if you like. That's what my friend did.
And I just love them. Really, really love them.

4}  Necklace holder. Tutorial at Visibly Moved.

I made this a few weeks ago. Well sorta. I found the wood down by the railroad tracks and bought my knobs for astoundingly cheap at Hobby Lobby and then I was like, Now what?
Fortunately for me, I have a friend who has a husband, and he took it home and drilled holes and installed the knobs. 
I have awesome friends like that.

5}  Paint dipping. Tutorials at Hi Sugarplum and at Little Bit Funky.

Have you ever heard of paint dipping?
Me neither. I mean, now I have. But before I heard of it, I had never heard of it.
But now I have. Since last week. Understand? Are you confused? Because I am.
So far I've dipped my knives (every color, like the spoons above), and bought the paint to do my living room end table and to do my cheap Target bookshelf.
I'm super excited to get them done!
Here are a couple more paint dip photos from Centsational Girl.

I'm going to do my bookshelf marigold and white. But I'm not sure about the table yet. I bought some blue paint (Benjamin Moore's Blueberry) for it, but... did I do the right thing? Should I go with green instead?
I can't decide. I'm going to mull it over for the next week.

And there you go. Pretty pictures, easy tutorials.
Go make some stuff and satisfy your guttiest gut.