April 19, 2012

sunshine baby

Our sweet sugar babycake, Lily, had her adenoids taken out today.
She had alot of fluid hanging out in places it wasn't supposed to be, and her hearing was bad.
Seriously, Lily's favorite words are huh? and wad you say, Sun?
So the adenoids had to go.
Karen told me she was going to have them taken out a couple weeks ago. I was like, Bummer, but whatever. Big deal. Happens all the time.
But then last night at church, I was watching Lily up on the front pew. Being bad as usual. Climbing all over the place, looking back at everyone, smiling oh so sweetly at me when I gave her the look and told her to turn around.
And all the sudden I thought, What if?
And then the next thing I knew, I was imagining knives slipping, and blood everywhere, and hearts stopping, and caskets, and no more Lily ever again.

I got all freaked out, and cried myself to sleep.

It was a waste of moisture though because Lily survived just fine, and we won't have to buy a casket after all.

Here she is, getting ready to go under the knife and possibly die. She wasn't worried. Unlike me. Unlike her moma who's had a lump in her throat for two weeks, just thinking about it all.

That cap on Tim's head. I have no words.

All loopy and doped up and about to conk out.

And finally, all done and on the way home. Poor baby.

Guess why she's crying in that last picture.
If you're thinking it's because she just had her little adenoids cut out with a sharp knife, you're wrong.

She's crying because she wanted to come to my house.
She gets done having surgery, and the first thing she wants to do is come to my house. And cries because she can't.
Her wikes me and my house.

And that's why Lily will always be my sunshine baby.
Her and her chubby cheeks.