April 12, 2012

sweeter than sweet

Sometimes Shelly, Karen, or Jenny will take a picture of one of my numerous nieces or of my one Lone Ranger nephew, and the picture will just... melt my kneecaps. Turn them straight into jello.
Bring tears to my eyes and make my nose run.
Make my heart go flip flop.
Make my frizzy hair go all unfrizzy.
Make my breath smell good.

(I'm totally lying about that last one )

(My breath has never smelled good in it's life.)

Anyway, Karen texted me a few pictures yesterday and today.
My kneecaps melted and my nose ran.

Also, Tim bought Karen an iphone a few weeks ago. She can do the whole Instagram thing now. Which makes me so jealous.
I mean, she didn't even know what Instagram was until the day after she got that iphone and I sent her a screeching text about how u can do the whole instagram thing now! 
And she was like, whats that?
And so I got Leah, in all her 12 year old technology genius, to set Karen up with the Instagram app, and now Karen is the coolest person I know.

And I sang Leah a song of loving adoration in honor of her technology prowess, I love technology, but not as much as you, you see... but I STILL love technology... always and forever. Our love is like a flock of doves, flying up to heaven above... always and forever... always and forever...

Somehow everything in my life always comes back to Napoleon Dynamite.

But here are the sweetest Instagram pictures you've ever seen:

Lily and Molly. These two are buds.
Lily tickles Molly's back and tells her princess stories when they're supposed to be taking a nap. And Molly calmly sucks her fingers.
Molly washes Lily's hair out in the bathtub. And then they brush each other's hair after bath time.
And Lily helps Molly get dressed up for playing wedding. Lily loves weddings. She has her own wedding all planned out. She might only be four, but she knows what color eye shadow she'll be wearing on that grand and glorious day.

My poor kneecaps...

Excuse me while I go blow my running nose...

And now you know why when I get to heaven, I'm going to ask God if I can have an iphone for my birthday.
... so I can do the whole Instagram thing too.