April 10, 2012

hi there!

Hey, I'm back.
Did you miss me? Were you desolate without me? Did you lose weight because you couldn't eat because you longed for my voice?
Yeah, that's what I figured. I'd feel the same if I were you.

This last month was happening. I can't believe I got so much done.

Living room redecorated. Check! (Pictures coming soonish.)
Did some redecorating at church. We've been remodeling. For a million years.  It's finally coming together. Check!
Every closet, cabinet, under-the-bed, drawer, and storage space cleaned out and organized. Check!
All junk taken to the thrift store. Check!
Kitchen table and chairs finally repainted. Check!
Craft stuff organized. Check!
Furniture rearranged in every room. Check!
Mom's room redecorated. Check!
Taxes finally filed. Check! (Speaking of checks... I get money back. I'm so happy.)
Got cute stuff for the tops of my kitchen cabinets. Check! (Been wanting to do that for like ever.)
Did some sewing. (Yep. Me. I sewed.) Check!
Did some baking. (Yep. Me. I baked too.) Check!
Saved a ton of money by repurposing, upcycling, and making things myself. Check!

Patted my own back vigorously until my shoulder blade popped out of joint. Check, checkedy, check!

I love writing check. I love writing exclamation points too.

The living room isn't actually complete. So you have to wait a couple more weeks for those before and after pictures, but... wanna sneak peek?

Okay, since you twisted my arms off.

Recovered my old throw pillows. Check!
Painted some plain old curtains because I was surely going to die if I didn't have marigold chevrons somewhere in my living room. Check!
Framed the girl's watercolor art. Check!
Made a... something... knob thingy like the one I saw on Pinterest. Check!

I had fun. It was alot of work, but fun work. I'll write all about it as soon as it's all finished.

And here's the last month in pictures:

Yeah, they're gorgeous babes...

Can anyone say cheesy?

She rather liked her cupcakes... that I made myself.
(I had to throw that in there. I didn't want you wondering who made those cute cupcakes and maybe dying of curiosity and stuff. And I can't help but be excited that I baked... without a hitch. That never happens!)

Tim and Karen... and a bunch of other church couples... went to couple's retreat in Seattle. They got a break. We didn't. We watched the kids.

I didn't mind watching them though. Look at their cute faces! Who could mind babysitting those kids?

Easter morning...

Moma made Easter eggs with the girls. She painstakingly blew the eggs out and everything.

I made the bunny cake. It was fun! And easy. Easy cooking always surprises me. Usually, I'm sweating when I cook. And crying.

Molly was pretty sure the whole cake was her's.

 Isn't Lily so pretty? She is. And Hannah in the background there is pretty... amazing too.

 A day at the park. And my beautiful Moma. And a baby who wanted to never have to look at a camera again.

Lucy, ever helpful, ever motherly. And Molly, ever wanting down so she can be all grownup and explore by herself. At age two.

Lily the beautiful.

Me and my friend, Talia. She's going to have a baby. I'm not.
But the girls did tons of flowers in my hair. So I could be a flower pot head.

 Also... I'm a sexy beast. What can I say? Some things can't be helped.

The Sexy Beast Who Missed You All Month