May 20, 2010


Emma got a little parental discipline the other day.
She was being pretty bad (hard to imagine, I know).
She came up to Karen about 30 minutes later.
Huge crocodile tears pouring down her face, nostrils flared in self-pity.

"Mom", she sniffed, "I don't think I belong in this family."   Cue hiccups.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't like when you punish me", she wept.

Later on, Tim asked her where she planned on moving to.
She said either Bayley's or Traci's.
Tim told her if Chris and Traci are good parents, they would punish her for being bad too.

Emma has given up on the new family idea.
She decided it was a losing cause.

She got these in one of her Easter eggs. She looks confused. I would too.