May 27, 2010

Jack and Mary Ann

I've been working at The Highlands every summer for the last five years.
My favorite thing about my job is the people I work with. They're my friends, a family.
I've always hoped we'd be able to talk Jack and Mary Ann into coming to church, but I never expected them to come this far.
I admit, I'm faithless sometimes...

They came on Mother's day for the first time. They loved it, and have been back every Sunday morning since.
They love Tim's preaching.
They asked for Bibles. Jack reads his Bible every night before bed. He's made it thru John and is working thru Acts.
The other day Jake was in a mood, and I complained to Jack (I was joking, Jake). Jack said, completely serious, "Jake probably didn't read his Bible this morning. It makes such a difference."
Sorry for throwing you under the bus, Jake, but you have to admit, it's pretty awesome that Jack would say that.
They ask questions. They want to know everything.
They compare it to the Catholic church they were brought up in.
They want to tithe, be baptized, and start participating in church functions.
Jack even hummed during the song service:)
They are excited about all the new stuff they're hearing. Like, way excited!

I'm overwhelmed by them.
Glad to see their curiosity, their happiness.
Jack said he feels like he's been looking for something for a long time, and has finally found it.
He told me," I believe in God, Jesus, the cross, and all that. I know you guys believe in saved, I'm not there yet, but I see it coming for me. It's in my future sometime soon."
Mary Ann said everything just feels better now.

All I know, is that this is a miracle.

Jack and Mary Ann, you two have no earthly idea how full of happiness my heart feels when I see you guys on my pew.
I love helping you find your spot in the Bible (I will help you find tabs:), and seeing you listening so closely to Tim's preaching.
You make us all amazed.