May 21, 2010

My happy

Moma, Abi, Daddy, and Shelly

Shelly and kids, on the beach

Jason and Jenny, enjoying the night life:)

Curly Top, aka Mik

Me and little brother, Jackie

Marianna, Abi, Joshua, and Joy

Tim baptizing Lucy

Leah's piano recital......she was one of the best players there

Ladylike Hannah

Lily, chillin' with her green beans

Princess Emma

Molly and teeth!

Karen, my sister friend

These are my happy.
Along with:
 Watermelon, sunshine, fast internet, smiles for only me, Godiva chocolate.
Big fat kisses, big fat hugs, big fat cherry limeades, big fat bank accounts (which I've never had, but heard they're nice).
My church family, my friends, my job, fried chicken, new summer dresses, Adam's sense of humor.
Soup, people who cook soup, people who cook period.
Surprises, watching people at Walmart, not crying, no tan lines, getting a bigger paycheck than expected.
Et cetera........