May 04, 2010

happy birthday karen

Dearest Karen,

You're my heart friend.
My sister,
my mentor,
my conscience.

Because of you, I feel loved.

You're my ear to talk to,
my shoulder to lean on,
my tissue when I'm crying.

Because of you, I don't want to fail.

You're my reminder to get things done,
my nudge in the right direction,
my kick in the butt when I'm bad.

Because of you, I laugh.

You're the innocent,
the pure,
the clean.

Because of you, I have a home.

You're the one I stay up with until midnight, just talking about nothing,
the one I share my chocolate with,
the one I sit at the table with; eating a bowl of cereal, reading Baby Blues.

You're the one I get mad at for making me go shopping for so long,
the one I want to see when I'm sad,
the one I want to talk to when I'm mad.

You're the one I want to protect from stupid people,
the one who's side I will always take,
the one who's testimony made me want to get saved.

You've been the best sister God could've ever thought up. He used all His good when He made you.
I wish I had better words to describe what you mean to me.
I wish I could say how much I love you.
Three words don't seem enough, but they'll have to do.

I love you.