August 16, 2010

lions, and tigers, and bears

Me, Karen, and the girls saw this little bear cub on the way to the Hoovers last Thursday.
Just playing with a stick in the middle of the street. It was adorable, lumbering along.
We were estatic.
I have never so completely lost myself in delighted excitement until that moment.
(Ok, all of you who have not only seen a bear, but think it's old hat.....this was my first bear sighting ever so don't make fun.)
I wasn't the only dork. Karen was pretty danged excited too.
She squealed just as much as me.

What struck me as funny though was when I came into work the next day.

I was excited about that bear cub because it was cute, and fuzzy.
I liked the way it kept knocking that stick around playfully.
I thought its feet were funny and uncommonly similar to a Who's.
And it was my first time so up close and personal to actual wildlife. Like, wildlife not in a cage at the zoo.

The guys at work, however, had a different point of view.
They weren't impressed by baby bear's fuzziness.
" How big was the moma bear? Bear season starts on- insert date.I would use such and such kind of gun to kill her. You would use what kind of gun? No, you bonehead, this is why you should never do that when hunting a bear......blah, blah, blah. Last time I went hunting blah, blah, blah. Why are you so excited to see a bear cub? It's not like you can hunt them down, and kill them, and eat their meat, and brag about your amazing hunting skills, or wear its pelt for warmth. Last time I went hunting blah,blah, blah."

Ok, guys, so you have a point.
But, I will be excited if I want.
So there.