August 20, 2010


Karen and I took the girls to Silverwood yesterday.
Never again. will I. do that.
Not that it wasn't fun, it was just so exhausting.

I got a laugh out of the girls though.
( I'm sorry if you get tired of hearing everything that comes out these girl's mouths. I think they're stinkin' hilarious, and if you don''re kinda......lame.)
Here's the best of the girls from Silverwood:

Emma, as we were waiting in line for the big yellow water slide, burying her face in my stomach: "I really wish I hadn't come'd here."

Emma, the whole time we were going down the slide, tears streaming down her terrified face: " I really hate this ride!!! I really don't like this ride!!! I really want off this ride!!! "

Emma, as we walked away from the slide, her face all Little-Miss-Sunshine again: "Moma! That was so much fun! Let's do it again!"

Leah, while we were sitting in the grass watching a cheerleading competition, admiring the way the guy cheerleaders could hold up the girls with one hand: "You know what would be so embarrassing for those girls? If the guys were holding them up, and the girl  farted."

Hannah, after being talked into riding the Panic Plunge with me, trying to sound brave and unable to keep the quaver out of her voice, waving her hands around matter of factly: "You know, Sunny Jane, if it turns out they don't have enough seats on this ride for everyone, I could just sit out and let you go. I don't want you to have to sit out and let me go. I know this is your favorite ride and all."

Lucy, all day long: "The Aftershock is my favorite ride. I absolutely have to ride it today. I have to."

Lucy, bursting out after waiting in line at the Aftershock for 40 minutes: "I can't ride it. I will if you want me to, but I really can't ride it!"

Karen, trying really hard to bribe Lucy into not chickening out (I don't know why though because Karen was too scared to ride too) : "Lucy. If you ride, I'll give you a dollar. No wait, I'll sponge roll your hair. You love your hair sponge rolled."

Me and Karen both, after spinning around on the Paratrooper: "Puke. Vomit. And more puke."

Hannah and Leah

Emma and Lucy

Me feeling sick, and Karen barely surviving the day. Rough looking couple of sisters:)

Lucy never did ride her favorite ride, and I agree with Leah, that would be embarrassing.