August 11, 2011

vacation, the end

Vacation's over.

Here's the last of my pictures.

Is this not the cutest picture of Molly?

Ten of the twelve kids, getting ready to go swimming. They piled into the truck bed like Mexicans.

Leah, the champion swimmer.

Making friendship bracelets. Let me tell you, making those things takes endurance. And a million years.

We went into Sisters to do some shopping one day, and I found these flowers growing in the cracks of the streets everywhere. I loved them!

I happen to have very cute nieces.

Paulina Springs.
 Call me pathetic, but I was enthralled by this spring. One minute you were standing on dry ground, and then the next step was a spring bubbling up out of the ground. It was awesome! Those swirls of water by Leah's feet are where the spring bubbles up.

Playing in the spring.

Posing in the spring.

Posing by the spring. I loved the spring. It was my favorite thing on the whole vacation.

Here's a great picture of me. I'm like a supermodel or something.

Karen's a nerd.

Yeah... Karen's a nerd.

We went to my parents for the last couple days of vacation.

Hey look... me n' Moma were taking pictures of each other.

Lily and Molly were being dogs. They were even barking.

Karen, interrupting Molly's dog antics.

Lily, undeterred and still being a dog. Dogs are the funnest things.

On the way home, we stopped by Stonehenge. The American one. It's a WWI memorial.

Lily and her moma.

See the little boy arm behind Hannah?
He was the cutest little Asian boy and wanted to be in all my pictures so he nonchalantly posed behind Hannah every time. And smiled big.

We had to have a picture at the American Stonehenge with a bag of American McDonalds.
It is written.

A big white cloud. It was pretty.

I liked vacation.
But I like more to be at home.
Home is my place.