August 01, 2011


I'm in Sisters, Oregon right now.
The biggest TV in the world is here. In the house I'm staying in. Here in my room, right across from my bed. I stare at it in awe. It's like being at the Imax.
Wii is alot of fun on this TV. Not that I've gotten to play Wii yet, because there also happens to be 12 little kids staying in the same house and they're all huge fans of Wii... at 7am. Did you know Wii is better before breakfast? I was informed of this when 8 of the 12 kids woke me up to tell me that little factoid. Oh... were you asleep? Well... since you're awake now, we'll just pop the Wii on. Okay? Okay.

We arrived in Sisters late last night. I don't remember much about the arrival. Just that I woke up in the car with my seatbelt wedged in my mouth, I wiped the drool off of it, I got one of the babies out of her carseat, I feel asleep somewhere, someone woke me up again and said, Mumble, mumble, mumble... I'll help you, someone else said, I'll put the lights on dim, there were a bunch of kids running around, I wanted to kill them all, then I woke up this morning at 6:55 am with 8 kids telling me about Wii being better before breakfast.

Ahhh. Vacation.

Karen and Tim are friends with some people who own this vacation house, and the friends invited them to come along for the week. They also invited one other family. So between the three families, we have a grand total of 12 kids... all under the age of 12. That's how come I got invited. I'm the designated babysitter.
So far I'm loving it. No really, I am! I slept like the dead last night, got dressed this morning, fed 6 of the kids, yelled at 8 of the kids, told 4 of the kids no, bathed 2 of the kids, fed 2 more kids, went on a bike ride to the park with 6 kids, found shoes for 5 kids, fought over bikes with 3 kids, took a cat nap on the chair, put 2 babies down for a nap, searched for the Wii controllers because the boys hid them from the girls, bathed a couple more kids, picked up Fruit Loops from off the floor, cleaned up the baby when she threw up... and it's not even supper time.

About that bike ride. My thighs doth greatly protest. But I saw this...

Two of the three mountains that make up The Sisters. 

Emma's swimsuit can hold approximately 2lbs of sand in it from the sandbox. Her little bum looked like it had been sandblasted.

Lily can watch Tangled approximately once an hour. I only watched it twice today.

Leah braided some random horse's mane in some random field.
Also, we can go horseback riding... for $43 an hour, per person. Guess what? We won't be doing that.

I picked wildflowers on that bike ride.

The guys plan on golfing everyday. The golf course is only a bike ride away.
They're even going night golfing and putting glow sticks in the holes so they know where to aim. Who woulda thunk of that?

The moms have been shopping all day. Buying enough food for 12 kids.

Lily found a feather. You can see it in her left hand if you look close.
Sun! Take a picture of my feaver!

She's so pretty.

I was reading out on the back porch this morning, and a buck came up and started eating pine needles right next to me. His antlers were all velvety. It was an awesome moment in my life. I immediately started singing, ♪where the deer and the antelope play...♫ The buck didn't mind, he kept eating pine needles.
I have sand in my unmentionables from the sandbox, and I smell like throw up from the baby.
And even though it might sound like I'm complaining, I'm not.
I'm having a blast.
Even with 12 kids and 7 adults in the same big house, it's peaceful here.