May 01, 2012

diy: bird seed feeders

Me n' the kids got together and made some bird seed feeders Sunday afternoon.
We didn't have evening church services, so a bunch of us went over to a friend's house for the rest of the day and played games and went for walks and enjoyed the warmish weather.
And I made bird seed feeders with the kids. And then I took a nap until it was time to go home.
I like naps and I like you. That's my motto.
Why nap later when you could nap right now? That's my other motto.
If everyone napped, there would be world peace. That's my other, other motto.
Eat all the chocolate things. That's my main motto.

And there's lots more where that came from.

This was such a fun project. And easy. Super easy. Also very sticky.
The kids liked it. I liked it. I liked the nap I took afterwards. I liked the chocolate death brownies Karen made for everyone.
We were all happy.

To make these feeders, you will need:

:: waxpaper
:: string or twine
:: cookie cutters or mason jar lid rim thingys
:: one envelope Knox gelatine
:: 1/4 cup water
:: 3/4 cup bird seed 
(you'll need to up the recipe if you want to make more than 2 or 3 small feeders)
(Original bird seed feeder recipe and tutorial, right here at Eighteen25.)

1} There are four envelopes of gelatine per box. I didn't know that. I bought 6 boxes. Didn't want to run short. Was surprised by those four packets upon opening the box. Was even surpriseder to see that it said 4 Envelopes right there across the front of the box. In bold letters.
2} I have enough gelatine to make forty thousand bird seed feeders.
3} Walmart carries really large bags of bird seed.
4} They do not carry small bags. At least not at my Walmart.
5} I have enough bird seed to last until Christ returns. Maybe even longer.

Little Miss Modesty here. Not.
But she's awful cute and lovable and missing teeth.

:: bring water to a boil on the stove.
:: add gelatine, stir until dissolved.
:: add bird seed, stir until completely covered with gelatine.
:: put cookie cutters on the waxpaper.
:: fill your cookie cutters halfway with the bird seed mixture. The mixture is super sticky!
:: cut your length of string, loop it in half, and press the "folded" end down into the mixture leaving the cut ends hanging out.
:: fill your cookie cutter the rest of the way, covering the string.
:: let dry over night, turning occasionally to dry both sides.
:: pop 'em out, tie the feeder onto a tree branch, and enjoy!

Aren't they so pretty?
I love them.
And they were the perfect springtime craft for the kids. 
And they're kinda garden-ish-y, and make me itch to plant stuff.
Just looking at them makes me happy.

She Who Loves Making Stuff With The Kids

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