May 08, 2012

plantin' stuff

Remember it was Karen's burfday the other day?
She turned thirty something, and got older.

The kids made a big sign for her.
Don't you love Emma's sense of style? Who else would think that blue flannel pajama pants matched a pink flower shirt?

 And they made a pink lemonade cake. It was pretty.

And I made her a crate planter.
I love it so much, I almost kept it for myself.
But I'm entirely unselfish and gave it to her after all.

You know what's cool?
This little project was almost free. I love free!
I already had all the stuff for the little birthday banner. Yay. Already had the paint. Double yay.
And a lady I know gave me a few old wooden crates (for free, man), and then I went to a free gardening class last week, and they gave everyone free plants.
And the free plants they were giving away happened to be English daisies and alyssum.
... English daisies just happen to be one of Karen's favorite flowers.
So since I had four of the girls with me, I sent them all up to the table and was like, get all the free stuff.
So they did, and I took and planted them for Karen because I know a good deal when I see one.
So basically, I just had to buy dirt. Which was dirt cheap. (Get it?)

And then I went to Target and found this little gnome dude.
Isn't he the cutest thing?
I've wanted to be a gnome in my second life ever since I saw Gnomeo and Juliet.
Hi little gnome dude... I'm waving back to you.

So here are the deets:

1} Flowers are English daisies and alyssum. Both are sweet, sun loving little plants that'll reseed themselves.
2} Blue paint is Teal Bayou by Behr.
3} The little gnome dude was five bucks at Target.
4} The stencils I used on the front of the box were about 4 bucks at Walmart.

That's it.
It was easy. And fun to make.

And did I mention that it was mostly free, and that I hugged myself approximately forty thousand times over that?

She Who Loves Free Stuff  (With All Her Penny Pinching Heart)