May 23, 2012

sisters are heart friends

I think God invented sisters because He knew I would need a friend that I could never get rid of. Because you can't exactly get rid of your sisters, can you? You're stuck with them for eternity. As it should be.
I think He was like, That Sunny Jane... she'll need help someday.

She'll need someone to tell her about the birds and the bees.
She'll need someone to tell her when to shut up.
She'll need someone to encourage her and tell her things will be okay.
She'll need someone to pull her grey hairs.
She'll need someone to pull her ear when she's a 10 yr old brat.
She'll need someone to lean on.
She'll need someone to go shopping with. (Even though she hates shopping.)
She'll need someone to cook for her.
She'll need someone who will tell her that her hair isn't THAT frizzy.
She'll need someone to tell her she's so amazingly spiritual and full of craft smarts. (Even if it isn't true.)
She'll need someone to text her in the mornings.
She'll need someone to bring her coffees at work.
She'll need someone who will tell her that her skinny collar bones sticking out don't actually make her look THAT skeletal.

She'll need someone who needs her just as much as she needs them.

And so He gave me sisters. A bunch of them. And then He gave them lots of girls of their own.
So now there's even more sisters.
And I love watching this next batch of little sisters growing up.
I mean, it'd be nice if they'd always be small and fit in my lap. But they won't always be littles.
They'll grow up just like me and my sisters.
But, in the meantime, I love the silly faces, and dress-ups, and naps together, and helping each other, and fighting but still loving each other, and cuddles, and bath times, and the I love you's, and the will you sleep with me tonight's.
And when they grow up, I'll love seeing the phone calls and texts, the late nights talking, the chocolate binges together, the shoe sharing and clothes sharing, the shopping (even though I hate shopping), the shoulders leaned on, the encouraging each other, the always there for each other.

The always heart friends because you're sisters.
And that's what sisters do.

God knew sisters would be necessary for the world to go 'round.
God just knows stuff.

She Who Is Glad God Knows So Much