May 02, 2012

on being photogenic: i am not.

The other day, I had this brilliant idea that I needed a good photo of myself.
Since I don't have any of those. 
Since I'm sadly unphotogenic. And can prove it. (But I'm still a sexy beast.)

Isn't that a great picture? And I have more. Right here. Today is your lucky day.

So I fixed my hair and asked Karen to take a picture of me with her nifty iphone. You know, the one that does the instagram thing? The one that I wish I could steal and keep for myself? The one that I want to buy so I can be cool like Karen? 
That one.

I was like, Try to get a good one.
And Karen was like, Wellll... I'll try. I'll just keep snapping and maybe one of them will turn out.
We were very optimistic about this photo shoot.

But in the end, we were disappointed.
Since I'm sadly unphotogenic and can prove it. Lots of times. (But I'm still a sexy beast.)

Eyes closed.
Looking at the neighbors.
And... I can't say what I'm doing in that last one. Because Moma says it's unladylike to say f-a-r-t. So I'm not saying anything about anything. I'm very ladylike like that.

Do you guys think if I started a support group for unphotogenic people, that I could make big bucks?
That's my wildest dream.

The Sexy Beast