February 01, 2014

i love these girls

I always feel like I have to say Lily and Molly. Molly and Lily. I can’t just say Lily, or just Molly. They go together. It’s funny because they really aren’t that much alike. I don’t think they look like each other, or have similar personalities. But they do have a twin-like bond. They’re coffee and cream. Sugar and spice. You can't have one without the other.

Anyway, Lily and Molly.

Karen took Molly to the ear doctor the other day, and she said when they came out of the clinic, the fog was so heavy outside that they could barely see the cars in the parking lot.
Molly solemnly popped her fingers out of her mouth and asked, Mom? Are we walking in the sky? We’re walking in the sky, Mom.
I will forever more consider fog “walking in the sky”.

Karen and Grandma Sherry took all the girls to the Disney store a couple weeks ago, and Molly was like, Gran’ma? Can you buy me something with all your money?
Grandma was like, I didn't bring any money.
So Molly was all, Then let’s go find the man and ask him if this can be the zero store.
Because, hello, if we can have a  dollar store, then we can have a zero store too. And everything would be free.

One should wear high heels when one cleans the bathroom. And a pink fluffy dress.

She needs must suck those fingers. Even in sleep.

Molly asked Tim one day, Dad can you give me an M&M… for loving you?
How could he resist?

She can have all the M&M's in the whole world.

Molly told me today that we should only eat food like Jesus would eat.
Oh really? And what kind of food is that?
Umm... kuhzert and salad. Jesus likes kuhzert a lot.
I don't know about the salad part, but I'm pretty sure Jesus would have us all eat dessert every day.

The girls love a good heater vent. They get that from me.

Lily has this thing about rocks. Every little rock is her friend. Let no rock be left behind is her motto. She came to me in Sunday School a few months back, Sun… I have you a special thing. And she gave me the teeniest little chip of concrete from the sidewalk. And she told me it had diamonds in it.

She also believes in unicorns. Pink ones with rainbows on them.

Anyway, Karen and the whole family were in TX for three weeks, and when they came home, I went over to see them. Lily and Molly met me at the door. Molly hugged me and drooled on my leg. Lily was like, SUN… I BRUNGED YOU SUMPIN‘ SPECIAL!!! And she gave me two rocks. A white one and a redish one.
They have diamonds in them, she said, But not the red one. That one has something else in it.
Like what?, I asked.
Red stuff, she explained.
And there you go. If the geologist in you has ever wondered what red rocks have them, now you know. Red stuff, that’s what.

Sniffing out her favorite rock. That's right. She sniffs them.

I’m just beginning to realize that Molly is four right now. Next she’ll be 6...8...10. Then she’ll get married. And have kids. And one day shortly, she’ll come over to my house and say, Sun? Need me to help you with your wheelchair? And I won’t be able to answer her because my dentures will have fallen out.

I don't know what we'll do without a baby in the house.

Hello. My name is Audrey Hepburn. I got style like nobody's bidness. I can wear a sweater on my head.

See what I mean? Every girl needs a heater vent in her life.

On another note, Emma told us the other day that she’d like to be an aunt so she can sit at home all day, making crafts and drinking chi.  Because apparently, that’s all aunts like me do.

Emma enjoying her ballerina clothes and her new pink bike. 
This picture is so Emma. Pink and having the time of her life.

I love these little girls. A few of them are sitting on my couch right now, eating all my popcorn, watching some princess movie for the 5000th time.
I wish they'd never grow up and stop being the little funny, cuties they are right now.

Sniff. Sniff. We Should Adopt A Baby Or Something.