February 22, 2014

happy 13th and i love lucy

Today is Lucy's 13th birthday. Now Karen has two teenagers in the house. Sniff. Why do they always have to grow up? Karen and Tim are out of town, and Lucy was a little sad about that so we tried to make it special. There was a birthday brunch with lots of sprinkles, a hot oil hair treatment, and Leah made the cutest gold birthday banner.

She has the prettiest smile.

Making friendship bracelets with her sisters.

Everything is better with sprinkles.

Miss Piggett

That hot oil was really hot. I burned myself.

Leah was embarrassed about that shower cap. But I thought she was cute!

Lucy is kind. She is smart. She is tenderhearted. If she knows someone is sad, she's sad too. She weeps with those who weep.
She's motherly too, and swings babies around on her hip.
She plays the violin, and is the best at fixing hair. She can do a mean fishtail. And she has a servant's heart.
She's nerdy. She has a deep, monotone voice.
One time when we asked her what rhymed with apple, she replied in her deepest monotone, Dirt. She meant it too.
If it wasn't for Lucy, hairs would never be fixed, babies would never be buckled into their carseats, and we would laugh a lot less.

Happy first day of being a teenager, Lucy Goose!

She Who Has A Shower Cap On Her Head