February 19, 2014

happy mail

The other night, I woke up, completely freaked out. I was alone in the house and I heard some noise that wasn't usual. I couldn't place it. And finally, I knew what it was: it was a light switch being clicked on and off.
Someone was in the house, and I don't mean me. Someone was turning the lights on and off. Someone was messing with my mind. Most likely a serial killer in a clown mask.
I sleep with my bedroom door closed and locked for security purposes. So I stood there at the door contemplating the possible demise of my bright future. I thought about calling 911. I thought about calling Rachel or Mom. I thought about how I never made it past yellow belt in all those karate classes. And finally I came up with a really brave plan.
I yanked my door open, ran down the hall like a maniac, grabbed the dog out of the laundry room, ran back into my room, slammed the door shut and locked it. I yelled, Come and get me, sucka!!! Then I went back to sleep with the dog close by, and the nightstand in front of the door. I do not believe in confronting serial killers in the dark.
I woke up the next morning and realized that A) I was still alive, and B) the light clicking on and off was a sensored light and the sensor had gone bad or something. It's clicking over there in the closet as I write this. It's annoying.

And that story has nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of this post. I just needed to get it off my chest.

Anyway. Moving forward.

I woke up Saturday morning with an itch to go buy some fun stuff and mail it off to someone. So I went to Target and scoped out the clearance aisles. I love Target. I love their stuff. I also hate their return policies, but whatever. I always, always find cute stuff there.

So I put together a happy mail package. This was SO fun! I love to give gifts, it's my love language, and I particularly love to give away a bunch of little things at once. Stockings, Easter baskets, happy mail... it's my favorite.

Tip one about happy mail: It should be fun. You should have fun putting it together, and someone else will have fun opening it.

Tip two: It should be happy. Birthday candles are very happy.

Tip three: It should be packaged cute. Washi tape is the best thing ever for packaging.

Tip four: It should have notes. This smashbook pad is my very favorite thing ever. It's perfect for writing a love note.

Sweet, right? I bought every single one they had at Target.

Tip five: It should have something practical. Like tissues.

Or like a hand towel.

Tip six: Most of all, it should have love. Lots of love.

Here's what I like about happy mail: It's a fun, fairly cheap, and easy way to not only express love, but it's also a way to encourage someone. 
So let me encourage you, send some happy mail to a friend. It'll make your day as much as it'll make their's.