February 09, 2014

some of my favorite valentine's day thingys

I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan. Everything is pink. I hate pink. It's the worst color ever. (Even though I am wearing a pink dress right now, and I love the dress. But I do wish it was some other color.) Also, I'm usually babysitting on Valentine's Day. Welcome to single life where you are definitely the designated babysitter for all of your married peeps. But Valentine's Day does have a few merits. And it's nice to see couples doing nice things for each other on a special day.

So here are a few of my favorite Valentine's Day thingys:

1. This hair.

I did this to my hair today. I maybe need a little practice, but it still turned out cute. Hello, a heart in your hair. That's cute.

2. My lovebird ring. I love birds. They're my favorite. I have birds all over my house. Moma bought this ring for me at a little shop downtown Christmas before last, and it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

3. These Valentines. I made them for the kids in my Sunday School class. So easy, so cute, and the kids loved them. And they were cheap! I didn't use the printable in the photo. I used cardstock and a sharpie. It worked. And I found some little heart baggies at Walmart to put them in. Heart baggies are also fun.

4. This giant Valentine that I made a couple years ago to remind me everyday that I need to love Christ more.

5. This little part of my house. I like to decorate this area for any holiday if I have the time. Like I said, I don't like pink. My Valentine's Day decorations aren't pink. And there aren't many hearts. And it'll stay up long after Valentine's comes and goes. But still. It's my way of doing it, yo.

6. My love pen.

It's just a purple pigma pen. You can get them at Michael's. Or, if you're a member of Heritage Baptist Church, you can get them from Tim. He has boxes of them in his office. They're $2.50 a piece. Or, as he says, For you I make deal... 2 pens for 5 dolla.
I only have a few and they're great for marking up one's Bible. I'll use any random color to mark up any random thing. The purple one is special though.
The purple one only gets used for love verses. If I'm reading and a verse jumps out and God says, I love you, then I reach for my love pen. The verse might not even be about love. But if it explains God's love to me somehow, then it's a love verse. I refer to the other pens by color. But not the purple one. That one is just the love pen. And I love when I get a chance to use it. It's my favorite.

7. This Valentine. Because it's basically perfect.

Tolerable. Ha! I laugh every time. Poor Elizabeth. I love Mr. Darcy.

The Babysitter Who Hates Pink