July 07, 2011


We watched fireworks late Monday night at some friend's house on Twin Lakes.
It. was. beautiful.
Right over our heads, loud, big, sparkly, loud, colorful, bright like daytime, loud.
Lil said, Hey, Sun! Firs' I looked like dis (Putting her fingers up to her eyes and stretching her eyelids as far open as they'd go. Which is pretty far, by the way.) an' din I was like, WOW!!!
She was basically all-round impressed by those fireworks.

I stole this picture from Pioneer Woman.
Because I didn't take any pics Monday night.
Someone named Freckled Mommy took it.
This is exactly what some of our fireworks looked like. When Lil's eyes got big and she said WOW.

I'm one of those people who thinks everything that her nieces, and one lone nephew, does is funny.
So for the past few days, I've been working lots of places and I nonchalantly say to everyone, So how was your Fourth?
Then they say, Blah, blah, blah.
And I don't really listen because I'm thinking about how cute Lil was when she did that thing with her eyelids.
Then I'm like, Whatever. So anyway. Speaking of nieces, guess what my Lil said? She said, Hey Sun! Firs' I looked like dis (I pull my eyelids really far apart to demonstrate and look retarded) an' din I was like, WOW!
And then whoever I'm working for says, Wow. You can really pull those eyelids apart can't cha?
And then I wonder why they aren't laughing hysterically at Lil.
What's their problem-o?

Also, Emma told me she can read now.
She brought me The Cat In The Hat, pointed at the front cover, and said, Sunny! I can read this! The- cat- in- the- hat! See??? Aannnd... I can read almost one word of the inside!
Then she smiled brightly at me with her missing front teeth.
So proud of her brilliance.
Brilliant-er than fireworks.