July 13, 2011


I created a favicon.
See it up there next to my blog address? The little yellow bird? 
I had no idea what a favicon was until yesterday. I noticed them on other websites, but just thought they were a cute little thingy for the pros. Pioneer Woman has one. The Lettered Cottage has one. Ann has one. Everybody who is somebody has one. 'Cept me.
So yesterday I was over at Fran's, and she was like, Blah, blah, favicon...
Then I wanted one, so I made one. Easy peasy. I simply stole someone else's image, stuck it in a favicon generator, downloaded, clicked on Edit Favicon in my blog design, uploaded, and... voila. Favicon shake n' bake.
The only thing is, not all browsers will show it, and I haven't figured that part out. I'm not going to either. Blogger needs to do their job and fix that glitch. Firefox shows it for me, but Fran said Safari worked better for her.
Whatever, I'm just happy with my little yellow bird.

I want a house.
Like, tomorrow.
But I still have eight months left in my lease so... I'm stuck in the fantasy stage for now.
These pink flamingos are in my fantasy garden. They kiss all day long. I've named them Fred and Harriet. Harry for short.

Speaking of fantasies.
I plan on bumping into Bill Gates someday, and he'll be so impressed with me that he'll write me check for fifty million bucks.
And I'll be like, I couldn't! It's too much! Then he'll be like, Take it. I have lots more. Besides, I'm a philanthropist.
Then all my wildest dreams will come true.
Either that, or I'll vote for Pedro.

Vote for me and all your wildest dreams will come true. 
I've been cleaning house.
First I put away my laundry. Then I washed some stuff so now I have to, like... put away laundry.
But also, you know how sometimes you have those things that aren't really sin... they just take up your time, or distract you, or bring back memories that you don't need?
I've been getting rid of those things. The clutter, the cobwebs. Cleaning house in my head and my heart.
Throwing out clothes and Cd's, blocking websites, changing the radio station, getting up earlier.
I feel so. much. better.
Like the air is suddenly cleaner.

Speaking of getting up earlier.
I hate mornings. Always have. Waking up is painful for me. I'm incoherent for about an hour after waking.
But I have to get up early for work. So I sleep until the very last second, bolt out of bed when my alarm goes off, yank on my clothes, grab a cheesestick, and run out the door.
I figure God understands that I can't read my Bible before I leave. What's He expect? Me to get up at the butt crack of dawn?
But then I feel so unprepared for the day.
I can read it when I get home, but I've gone without that spoken to.
So I started getting up an hour early. At the butt crack of dawn. It's not fun when my alarm first goes off, but funny thing... I'm fully awake within 15 min. And I love the morning air flowing thru the windows. And the silence on the streets. And the calm. And the peace. And the smell of morning. And the way I can be spoken to by Him, getting me ready for the day.
So I think maybe, just maybe, I'm starting to like the morning.

Karen sent me these pics the other day.
I can tell you right now... this girl is a rascal.

Molly wanted to go on the potty but didn't quite make it

Such an angel:)
That's all.
See ya.