July 24, 2011

two little girls

Once upon a time... there were two little girls.
Sweetheart and Turkey Butt.
They were sisters.


Sweetheart is sweet.
She likes princess, ballerina, fluffy dresses, wearing her Sunday shoes to play outside in, smiling all the time, and saying I love you.
Actually, Sweetheart likes everything. Sun! I like you! I like everything in the whole world! Only she doesn't say world, she says wee-uld.

Turkey Butt doesn't like everything in the whole wee-uld.

Sweetheart sweetly smiles for the camera.

Turkey Butt does not.

Sweetheart keeps her sucker in her mouth. Where it belongs.

Turkey Butt puts her sucker in her hair, on her dress, and all over the leather seat.

Turkey Butt tries to see if she can reach Sweetheart's hair.
So she can swirl her sucker all in it real fast before she gets caught.

Sweetheart keeps her clothes on. Usually.

Turkey Butt does not. She perfers the freedom of nudity.


The two went swimming the other day.
Sweetheart smiled sweetly.
Turkey Butt chewed on a straw.

Sweetheart continued to smile.
Turkey Butt continued to chew her straw to death.

Turkey Butt kept getting in and out while Sweetheart tried to force her to stay in.
But, Molly! Moma said! Stay. in. the. water!

Turkey Butt got stuck.
Ummm. Hey. Think you could stop taking pictures and maybe get me off the edge of this pool? It's all up in my business.

Then they had a quiet conversation together. Just sitting there on the pool, shoulder to shoulder.
Sweetheart: I love this water. Do you love the water, Molly? I love the sun. It's warm. I love the grass. It tickles my feet. I love Sun... she said I can spend the night in the morning! I love popsicles. Maybe Moma will let us have one! I love Daddy. Hey, Sun! When's Daddy coming home??? I love everything in the whole wide wee-uld. 'Cept bad guys.
Turkey Butt: *growling... straw chewing... more growling... more chewing... drooling*

I'm rather fond of Sweetheart and Turkey Butt.
They make my life happier.
I like to see them together... Sweetheart all motherly and girly and Turkey Butt all scowling and independent.
I like to see them like each other.
I also like their cute little hineys.


Sweetheart: I love the bathtub! I love playing with Barbies in the tub! I love my pink Barbie. I love the bubbles. I love washing my hair. I love everything in the whole wide wee-uld. Don't you, Molly?
Turkey Butt: *grunt... groan... fart... pushing the shampoo bottle into the water so she can squirt it all out... more grunting*