July 23, 2011

me n' them

This is my sister, Shelly.
Shelly is very tan and has Pantene commercial hair that does whatever she tells it to.

This is me.
My hair goes where it will.

This is my sister, Karen.
Karen has sparkly eyes and is photogenic.

This is me.
I'm not photogenic.

This my sister, Abby.
Abby has the bluest eyes in the whole world, and she looks like she should be on a magazine cover.

This is me.
I look like a magazine-about-beetles cover.

This is my sis-in-law, Jenny.
Jenny has a huge smile that takes in the whole room and doesn't need to wear make-up.

And this is me.
My eyes are often closed.

What am I... the red-headed stepsister???
How come they get to be all glamorous?

I comfort myself by stuffing an entire box of chocolate in my mouth all at once.