October 16, 2010

God's kiss

There is nothing to compare to the awful, horrifying feeling of walking up to someone, feeling like the lowest scum, and asking for forgiveness which I don't deserve.
Expecting to be rejected, scorned, and turned away with hatred. Told to go away, and never come back.
Feeling like a worm about to be crushed, and flicked off the sidewalk.

But there is nothing to compare to the wonderful sweetness of undeserved forgiveness!
To be expecting a slap in the face, and instead being wrapped up in loving arms, and being told how much I am still loved.
To be asked how I could even doubt the forgiveness so easily offered to me.
To be told that the ones I've hurt are still there for me, and still need me.
To be assured, and reassured.

That kind of forgiveness feels like God just took my dirty, mud-streaked face between His gentle, loving hands, and kissed me.
The sweetest of all kisses. The kiss of a Father for His child.
Caring, and with eyes full of love.

Perfectly sweet.
God's kiss.