October 13, 2010

she makes me laugh

Karen has been teaching Emma her letters and sounds, and Emma's imagination makes it quite interesting.

Karen: "T says tu, as in teacher. Or as in Timothy, or talking, or tiger."

Emma: "Oh! I know one! T says tu, as in tu-lion!"   (I'm wondering...is a tu-lion similar to a liger?)

Karen: "I says i, as in Indian."

Emma: "Or! I says i as in ball!"  (She's only been learning the letter I for a month.)

Then Karen moved on to simpler things....word pairs.  (i.e. chalk/crayon, dog/cat, train/truck)

Emma, very excitedly: "I know! People/ fairies! Fairies have wings and people don't, but they both have mouths!!!!!!"

This may not mean much to you guys.
You may not see the humor.
But, every time I think of Emma's very excited, very happy, very spacey little face saying "tu-lion", I get happy.
And then I picture Karen's exasperation because Emma does not get it.

And then I laugh.