October 27, 2010

nine on wednesday

This was supposed to be Ten on Tuesday, but I forgot to finish it in time. And, besides, I couldn't think up ten things.
So it's more like Nine on Wednesday.
That's ok, right?

1) I'm homesick. I get homesick going to the grocery store across the street from my house, so you can imagine what being gone from home for several weeks is like. *sigh*  I think alot of money could be made by inventing a pill for homesickness.

2) I'm gullible. Someone told me once that she 'didn't want to be that girl...the one who believed everything she was told.' Well, I don't want to be that girl either, but....
One time, I ate my birthday streamers because someone told me they tasted good. And then tried eating them again (after gagging the first time) because the same person said,"No really! They're really good! Try it again, you must've gotten a bad spot."

3) I leave my studs on until June every year. I don't know why. The smart thing would be to take them off before it's illegal to still have them on. But, on the up side, my dad is having mine put on for me this year. Yay! I don't have to pay for it!

4) I hate sewing. I always have. But, for whatever reason I decided to make a quilt. Moma had all these old pieces of quilts, and lace my great-grandmother made, and fabric from all kinds of stuff that I'm using. So I'm making it, and it's turning out really cute so far, but I still hate sewing.

5) Karen is indescribably necessary to my happiness, and feelings of contentment right now. I love you, Karen.

6) Is it not stinkin' hilarious that when Moses asked Aaron what was going on in the camp, he answered back, "Well, I told them to break off their gold, and I threw it in the fire, and then, I don't know how, but out popped this golden calf!"
I had never seen that before, but I laughed and laughed over it the other day. What was he thinking? Didn't he realize how lame his excuse sounded?
Lily could've come up with something better than that!

7) Karen's girls have a pet praying mantis. Her name is Jessie. (Jessie's husband, Justin, died the other day. He hasn't had a funeral yet, he just lays in the bowl with Jessie...very dead.) Anyway, Karen just sent me a pic of Jessie perched on Emma's pencil....they're doing school together.
Sadly though, we think Jessie might also be dying....She's acting depressed. She won't eat her food. She just sniffs it, and licks it with her feelers. And she keeps falling down on her back like she's very old.
I'll keep you posted on Jessie's health:)

8) I'm reading the Percy Jackson books. The library didn't have the first two so I had to start with the third book. Since I always read the last page in a book anyway, I didn't think it mattered to skip that far ahead. I really like them! Anyway, I liked book three. I stayed up until midnight last night finishing it.

9)God is so much sweeter these days. I don't know what I would do without Him.