October 17, 2010

hobos at the hoover's

We had a hobo party at the Hoover's on Saturday.
The hardest part about being a hobo was, for me, the fact that my clothes didn't match.
It bothered me that my pants were brown, and my hat was black, and my bandanna was yellow.
There was, however, a red pinstripe in my blue shirt which matched my red suspenders.
I used that fact to console myself when I lost every. single. game. that we played.
Oh, I lost the shopping cart race? No big deal.....my shirt and suspenders matched.
Lost the corn shucking race, and the log toss, and the pantyhose-with-a-softball-in-them-on-my-head-used-to-knock-over-water-jugs game?

It was a fun day.

I love this picture for some reason.
Heather and I tried very hard to make Bro. Hoover look like a hobo. We were unsuccessful. He looked like everything but a hobo....farmer, hick, Russian, duck hunter, woodsman-minus his axe. We kept pulling stuff out of his closet, and he kept saying," What's so hobo about that? I wear that almost every day!" We finally settled on making him look like a gentleman farmer who enjoys watching Mary Poppins.

I made the signs. Heather was disappointed though...she had wanted her's to say "Vietnam war veteran. Government benefits didn't go thru. Need $$$."

Mrs. Hoover.  

You can't see it, but there's a softball in the end of these pantyhose. The object is to knock over the water jugs the fastest...no hands! It's hilarious and surprisingly difficult.
Jones. I was so glad to see you guys!!                                                                                                                                   

We all got 'hobo names'. Hannah's was Riverfront Talula:)

Me and Heather

Mrs. Hoover, Heather, and Bro. Hoover

Bro. Hoover's happy face....