February 16, 2011

unsearchable riches

You gave to me a letter. Love pouring out. Reading it, there flows into me peace abounding.
Your Words fill me, joy overflowing. Love is in those Words, love covering me. Shelter in turmoil.
 Peace be still.
Your voice in my ear, kind. Your hand on mine, my guiding Beloved. Light of my eyes.
Your letter... reminding me of what I am and of Who You are.

You are.

Goodness overflowing, overwhelming me. Taking my breath from me.
Goodness like a river. Diving in, I'm submerged. Floating up. Happy.
Basking in the brightness of Your face shining on mine.

Strength coursing thru my spirit. Taken from You and given to me. Transfusion, infusion.
The leather binding soft in my hands, the pages tattered.
Strengthening me.

Peace that passeth all understanding. You're higher than I, and I don't need to understand.
I only need to know it flows over me. Steady, eternal. Achingly wonderful.

Glorious, shining so brightly. Showing off for me. Showing me Your ability and giving it to me.
The Words pouring me out, pouring You in.
A mirror that shows Your face to me.

Grace, grace, wonderful grace. Anointing my head with oil. Dripping from my eyelashes. Saving me to You.
Daily, constant, beyond me.
So much given to me, and so little received unto You. What is my worth? Priceless, to You.

Wisdom, sobering... thoughtful. Making straight my ways. Holding my eyes not to the left nor to the right.
Giving to me length of days, and joy in the morning.
Saving me from the little foxes that destroy the vine.

Love, foundation of trust. Healing me, balm of Gilead.
I will love them freely...
Greatness known, yet not understood completely.
Pages wet with my tears, crinkling the golden edges.

You have given to me a letter.
Love pouring out.
Words written for me.
I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine.