February 22, 2011


1)  Mrs. Hoover is the best person ever at finding cool websites.
Then she passes them along to me.
And now I'm sharing a couple with you.
So you'll love me more.

2) Shabby Apple.
They have cute dresses.
Like this one...

And shoes that make my heart rate pick up.
Like these...
3)  House 8810.
They have cute dish towels that make my nesting impulses work overtime.
Like these...

4)  Speaking of nesting impulses.
I've got it bad.
(Along with spring fever.)
All I want to do is decorate and play hostess.

5)  It's hard to play hostess when you don't cook.
Guests expect food.
And entertainment.
But, mostly food.

6)  I'm getting out some of my decorating bug though.
Sherry and I are working on the upstairs ladies room at church.
That restroom is... how shall I say... disgusting.
Covered in brown sponge painting and sunflowers. Ick.

7)  When we get done with that restroom, your eyes will pop out of your head.
That's how impressive it'll look.
I hope so anyway.
That's what we're shooting for.

8) I'll post before and after pictures when it's all done.
But only if it turns out like it looks in my head.
If it turns out bad, I'll never mention it again.

9)  Speaking of pictures.
I love this photo...

Emma dear

10)  And this photo too...