February 01, 2011


Some things put my happy face on.

1)  The color yellow.
I love that bright sunshiny color right now.
I want this yellow couch. It makes me happy to look at it.

2)  I played this game at a ladies party one time.
We had to answer a whole bunch of questions and one of the questions was who does the color yellow make you think of?
Everyone said me. Of course.
I said my sister-in-law Jenny.
Because she's bright and sunshiny and makes me laugh.

3)  There's this person I kinda know. I've sat and talked to her a couple times.
She's elderly, and probably the worst hypochondriac I've ever met.
Here's a conversation with her.

"So how have you been?"

"Oh, not good. Not good at all. *sigh* My legs have been real fidgety. My teeth can't chew beef. My hernia from 35 years ago is acting up again. *sigh* I had one of my spells last night. I've had diarrhea for two weeks solid. *sigh* The doctors are stumped." *lots more sighing*

"Oh, that's too bad." *trying to think of something positive to say* "Oh look! What a nice picture of your grandson!"

"Yeah he's a good kid. His cousin got decapitated by a semi trailer when he was riding his motorcycle one time." *sigh*

Et cetera.
And although I really do feel bad for her, (Please don't think I'm being cold hearted.) I couldn't help but think of something the whole time I sat and listened to her.
I kept thinking of that line from Nacho Libre... "Don't you know I've had diarrhea since last Easters???"
I'm sorry.

4)  I need to watch Nacho Libre again.
That movie can make me laugh until I pee my pants.

5)  Being home.
*enormous happy face*

6)  I beat everyone at Wii golf.
Let me say that again.
I'm the queen.

7)  Every morning when I go outside, I can hear these little birds singing.
There are three ugly, brown, bare bushes in front of my apartment building and the birds cover those bushes just singing their little hearts out.
They sound so happy and I love seeing them.
They're fat, round, plain brown little birds. And it's the middle of winter.
But they don't seem to care. They just sing like they're supposed to.

8)  It's been so sunshiny these days!
I love the sunshine... even if it is like zero degrees out there.
Sunshine is good for my soul.

9)  How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.    
-Psalm 36:7

10)  I like the word lovingkindness.
And I like knowing that I'm under the shadow of His wings.