February 10, 2011

spring, please

I have spring fever.
Real bad.
Super duper bad.

I've loved all the snow and the cold and winter and stuff... but please, may we have spring early this year, God? 

*on my knees begging*                           


*with carefully folded hands*

I'd be very thankful.

I want to plant things.
I want a farmer's tan.
I want to smell like sunblock.

I want dirt under my fingernails.
I want to go to the nursery and buy little plantlings.
And grumble over the nursery's outrageous prices.

I'm pouring over seed catalogs.
I'm wistfully drooling over the yellow tulips at Walmart.

I want to see the cherry trees in bloom. They're my favorite.
I'd even like to spray for aphids.
(Stupid things. Don't know why they try to live on my roses. They know I'll spray them flat dead.)

And mostly, I'd like to wear my flip-flops again.
I hate wearing real shoes.

Only like three more months to wait...