February 02, 2011

baby names

This post is for Karen. My big sister who's pregnant with her seventh baby girl.
Well... maybe it'll be a boy.
But the odds are certainly against it since all Karen has had so far are girls. Six of them.
So I'm not holding my breath.

Are you there?
Listen to your sister.

I've been doing some research for you.
Ava Claire is definately the best name ever.
(Can I name this baby, Karen? You got to name the other six. You shouldn't be greedy about this...)

Ava, origins and meanings: (Germanic) strength; desired; (Hebrew) alive; (Latin) bird; (Persian) voice, song, sound; (French) the juniper tree
The name was made popular by actress Ava Gardner.
She's so beautiful.

Claire, origin and meaning: (Latin) clear, bright
Claire is a sweet, sweet name that makes me think of eclairs.

Heaven help me.
I'm going to buy one of those from the doughnut shop around the corner from my house right now.

How can you pass up a such a sweet, pretty name?
I love the meanings. Except juniper tree. That one's kinda random.
But no pressure, Karen.
If you don't want to use that name, I have others.

Sophie- (Old Greek) wisdom.
Norah- (Latin) honored, honorable; (Old Greek) bright one, shining one.
Zoey- (Old Greek) life.
Lorraine- (Old French) laurel, bay.
And of course, Sparkle Rose Cute- ( big sister Emma) just sounds so pretty.

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.    -Proverbs 22:1