February 15, 2011


1)  Old friends.
I love you, old friends.
I love being with you, hanging out.
I'm glad you're glad I'm back.

2)  Spring.
I miss you, spring time.
I can't wait to see you again.

3)  My bank account.
I hate you, bank account.
You're real lousy.
And you're never enough.

4)  Little baby, little Sparkle Rose.
I love you.
I wish you didn't go away.
I was looking forward to naming you.
And holding you close to me.
You make me cry.

5)  Bro. and Mrs. Hoover.
I love you.
I just do.

6)  Gloria.
My friend.
You're dear to my heart.

7)  Cooking.
I hate cooking, BUT... I cooked the other day.
Fried chicken and stuff.
AND... it was perfectly edible!
*patting myself on the back*

8)  Me.
I'm not photogenic.
I wish I was. My dad complains about the pics I send.
I had my own personal photo shoot last night with myself, my cell phone, and my bathroom.
This is the closest I got to a good shot...

I know. Pathetic. My phone slipped at the last minute.
Otherwise this would've been a hot picture of me, right?
You like my shower curtain?

9)  Lily Anne.
Little niece of mine.
She wants to spend the night with me every. single. night.
I come to you house, Sunny???
It makes me feel super special.

10)  Lord in heaven.
You are mine.
And I am Yours.
I like to remember that.