April 18, 2011

creative outlet

I've decided to try being crafty. Like arts and crafts kind of crafty.
I'm not normally that kind of person.
I don't sew. I don't cook. I don't clip coupons for the best deals. I don't decorate cakes. I don't knit, or crochet, or embroider. I don't grow a garden, and harvest the growth, and then can the bounty in mason jars.
I've always felt kinda bad about that. Other women do those things... shouldn't I?
I mean, shouldn't I enjoy baking fresh bread?

But, I've come to terms with my lack of crafty talent.
I hate doing those kinds of things and I'm not going to force myself to love them anymore.
I can cook and sew well enough for when I need it. That's good enough.
I have other talents, things that I love, and I'm going to focus on them instead of beating myself up because I'm not the next June Cleaver.

So, back to being crafty.
I'm creative, thanks to the genes from Moma's side of the family, and sometimes I need an outlet.
Gardening is a creative outlet for me. It satisfies me to pick out the right plants for the right spot, to design the flowerbed, and then to make things grow. I love it! I love everything about gardening... except weeding. I hate weeding. Weeds are dumb.
Playing house is another outlet. Might sound silly, but you have to be creative to play house. I like making my little home homey. I like putting things in their place and making it pretty. I like neat and tidy. I like flowers on the kitchen table, and making sure the girls have everything they need when they come over- like juice and sunshine.
Writing's another one, but that goes without saying. Obviously.
And I think I've discovered another creative outlet! A truly hands-on, crafty one that doesn't involve the dreaded sewing machine, or scrapbooking, or making homemade pasta...

I love The Lettered Cottage. I think they have the greatest ideas ever. I love how Kevin and Layla whip up little projects with hot glue and yarn. I love the way they repurpose things, like using an old ladder for a magazine rack.
So, they gave me some great ideas which I'm going to try out.

Project #1: I have an old dresser that belonged to my grandmother in my guest room.
It's a beautiful dresser, but not really what I would run out and buy.
So I'm going to paint it. And add new hardware.
I think I'll have fun and paint it some funky color. Like green. Or aqua. Or something like that.
And I think I'll find some fun hardware for a couple of the drawers too.
Something like this:
(I have a big fat weakness for all things little birds.)

Project #2: I have a nightstand in my bedroom, and I feel the same way about it as I feel about the dresser.
It needs paint and hardware.
I haven't decided on the color. My room is kind of an ashy purple, golden yellow, and grey. (Anyway, those are the colors it will be when I'm all done decorating the room.)
Any ideas? Should I be safe and go with black, since I love black furniture? Or should I go crazy and do a metallic silver like the legs of this chair that I found on Centsational Girl?

I love it, but I can't make up my mind.
What to do, what to do...

Project #3: I'm going to make a wreath.
I know. A wreath? Sounds boring.
But it isn't! I promise!
This is the one from The Lettered Cottage (Click the link to find out how to make one for yourself!):

Cool, huh?
They took a foam wreath form and covered it with yarn.
Then embellished it with buttons and things.
It's all put together with hot glue... no sewing required!
I could totally make this!
Only I'm not going to copycat it to the last detail. I want more vibrancy. Some pinks, and yellows, and reds. I love color.
And I have a different idea for the flowers. I'll make rosettes! Like Franchesca's from The Flourish Shop. I also love rosettes.

Totally sweet headband from The Flourish Shop.

So those are the projects on my horizon.
Who knows when I'll get them done, but who cares?
I'm looking forward to branching out and discovering me some new creative outlet!