April 29, 2011

tote bag

I made this just now.
It started out as the cutest dishtowel ever... in the whole world. My friend Sarah gave it to me earlier this week.

In the dishtowel stage.

The front view of my dishtowel turned tote bag.

The back view of my dishtowel turned tote bag.

I took one look at the little birds and got this great idea...
It's way too cute to stay a dishtowel for the rest of its life, I'll just whip up a tote bag!
I saw the idea in a magazine and have wanted to try it out for the last two weeks.
You just fold the towel in half, add some wide ribbon to the top with interfacing underneath, sew it all up, add ribbon handles, and then add a big fat button and a little ribbon strip to close the opening.
Voila! Tote bag in an hour!
I love the outcome.

I'm sore from patting myself on the back so much.