April 10, 2011

new name

I've changed my blog name.
I really liked Sunshine on a cloudy day. It was a cheesy spin on my own name and it made me smile.
But, my life has changed alot over this past winter, and I felt like a new name was in order for the blogspot.
I just couldn't come up the right one until a few days ago when I was looking at a childhood friend's wife's website, Small Bird Studios. Their little baby girl died a while back, but instead of shriveling in bitterness she simply says, what a beautiful mess she left behind, and gives God the glory for His goodness to her and her family. It touched my heart. I thought it was so sweet. The whole website is sweetness itself.
Anyway, when I read those words I thought, That's what my life is. Just a beautiful mess. A big, messy mess made beautiful by a God Who loves me so.

I like the meaning behind a name. I think it's important. All throughout the Bible, the names have meaning. Even the names of towns and buildings.
My middle name means God's grace. How wonderful is that??? I'm so glad my Moma named me what she did. It suits me. And every time someone says Sunny Jane, it's a reminder of God's grace to me. It's a good name to have.

This blog isn't just about me. It's more than that, it's about my life.
It's about the people I know, the places I go, the decisions I make, my friends and family, my struggles, my triumphs, things that strike my fancy... etc.
It's about what God's been doing for me, how He's blessed me so beautifully.
Sometimes my life can be messy, but with God, it's always beautiful.

The messy parts are about me.
But the beautiful parts are what God's doing in spite of me.
A beautiful mess...