April 28, 2011

some things

1)  I have laryngitis.
My voice is gone on vacation.
I can only whisper. Or occasionally bark, if I try really hard.
The last time I lost my voice, Emma helped me look for it.
She looked under the bed, and in the bathroom. Alas, it wasn't in either of those places.
When my voice came back she said, Sun!!! Where'd you find your voice???
I told her it had been in my purse all along.
Anyway, now I know how the Little Mermaid felt. Poor Ariel. It's a total bummer not being able to talk.

2)  Uncle Danny was here last week for Missions Conference.
We went thrift store shopping together.
Uncle Danny likes to buy old junk and resale it in his antique shop in TX for big bucks. It's pretty cool.
So he was looking for old books to buy and I thought, Oh, I'll help him out!
I had visions of me finding the best book ever, and he would resale it for thousands of dollars on ebay, and be able to retire, and he'd say, That, Sunny Jane. If it wasn't for her I'd probably be poor.
And then everybody would look at me admiringly, and I'd shrug nonchalantly and say, Oh, it was nothing. All in the line of duty as a niece.
Every time I pulled out the best book ever, he'd look at it and say, Hmmmmmmmm.
Then put it back on the shelf.
So then I switched tactics and pulled out the worst book ever.
He put that one back on the shelf too.
So I gave up on that vision and finished drinking my Starbucks instead.

3)  I'm not a southern girl anymore. I mean, not hardcore. I don't run around saluting the confederate flag anymore, I've forgotten everything I ever learned about Robert E. Lee, and I no longer want a shirt that says G.R.I.T.S on the front. (Girls Raised In The South)
The west is my home now, and I'm not one to look back wistfully on my raisin' or my roots.
I like 'em, I just don't long for, or miss 'em. Except for all the family. I really miss the family. I wish I could see them more often instead of once every few years.
I'm sentimental, I'm nostalgic, I love family traditions, but I also know this is where God wants me and I've never pined to go back south.
But, listening to Uncle Danny tell story after story brought back alot of good memories.
My southern accent thickened instantly.
One thing I love about the south is the way everything seems slower. It's not really slower, it just seems that way. I have no idea why. But it's nice.
And I like the hospitality. It seems like everybody is always having everybody over for dinner every night.
I like the thunderstorms. We don't have those out here. And the oak trees with Spanish moss. And the sweet tea at every meal. And the comfort cooking. And all the family.
And the memories.

4)  My sister-in-law, Jenny, is visiting right now. And my niece Mikenzie.
If you ever want to laugh, you should hang out with Jenny. You WILL laugh. Even if you're a dry bone that hates laughing.
Here's what I love about Jenny:
She makes me laugh. And believe it or not, she laughs louder than me. So my horse laugh sounds like a very small laugh when Jenny's here. She even snorts like me.
She's big hearted.
She's dramatic. Everything she does has some element of drama. When she talks, it's like watching a movie because she stands up and acts out the whole thing with crazy, flailing arm gestures.
She loves my brother and makes his eyes happy.
We can sit and talk for hours together.
She said the other day that she noticed people staring at her in the stores. She said, What? Can they tell I'm not from around here? Is my hair sticking out? Is it because of my clothes?
But it's not that. I know why they stare.
It's because she's beautiful, inside and out, and she glows. And people see that, and wonder how to get it themselves.

My all time favorite pic of Jenny and Mik.

Jenny and nieces

Karen, Jenny, and I

5)  The other night in church, Tim said something about which came first: the chicken or the egg?
And then he kinda mockingly said, Come on guys... I don't have to tell you which came first do I?
And I laughed superiorly along with everyone else.
But really... for a spilt second, when Tim very first asked which came first, I forgot about Creation and was thinking, Now THAT'S the question... I wonder which came first?
Then I quietly inspected my fingernails to hide my confusion.
But seriously, guys. God coulda created the egg first and waited for it to hatch a chicken.

6)  I made my wreath!

In the beginning was a hot glue gun and a bunch of stuff...

Finished product

It took me two hours and eight bucks to make it.
Incredibly, the hardest part was finding a stick.
There aren't a whole lot of trees around my apartment building.
But there are bushes!
So I casually strolled over to the bush closest to my door, stuck my arm way down in it, acting like I do that all the time, broke off a branch, pulled it out and said, Oh look! This was broken!
And then I ran for dear life just in case someone was watching, and might maybe report me to the office manager for defamation of property, or whatever that's called.
It was nerve wracking. I've decided any time I need a stick in the future, I'll get it under cover of darkness.
I love, adore, and am immensely proud of my wreath.
I say good morning to it.

7)  Life is so good right now.
Sure there are problems. Sure there are setbacks. Sure there are tears and heartache some days.
Not every day is a Pollyanna day.
But under those problems, setbacks, and tears is safety.
Peace. Surety. Wonder. Love. Amazement. Contentment.
The good makes the bad seem small.
And I likey.