April 13, 2011

in the beginning...

Emma has her own ideas about Creation.

She has decided God goes to the store.
(He has lots of stores around Him. Because He's God!)
And He buys a little head.
(About the size of yours, Sunny!)
Then He takes it home and paints it white.
Then He adds little strings of hair.

Then He's done.

So I asked her, What about our bodies? How the heck does He make those?

She had to think hard.

Then she came up with the how.
He goes to the store.
(The different store. You know, the one with all the little bones? Not the one with all the heads.)
He buys a bunch of bones and hooks them all together.
(Like Legos!)
Then he screws the head on.

Then He's done.

But I asked her, But what about when we're born? How does He make us small if He's already made us big with heads the size of mine?

She was flummoxed. But only for a second.

Then she sighed and looked at me like I was the biggest dimwit ever...
He makes little ones of us, and then pokes us into the mommy's belly to grow up.
(Oh, of course! How come I didn't think of that!)

Then He's done.

Move on over, evolutionists.
Emma's theory makes more sense than yours.