November 30, 2011

Him n' me

Dan, one of our church guys, preached the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving.
He asked us, what's your favorite thing about God?
Then he had us write it down on the pieces of paper he handed out to everyone.
Then he wanted us all to tell what we had written down which made me get all nervous so I started sweating, and then I thought I might as well just say it and get it over with so I started to raise my hand, but quick scratched my ear instead, and thought, I'll just blog it later. Then I felt relieved that I was doing my part.

This is my favorite thing about God:

The way He cocoons me.
It's like all the parts of Him- the grace, the mercy, the love, the delight, the patience, the righteousness, the might, the defending, the forgiveness, the awesomeness, the coming to my rescue... all those layers- wrap me up warm and keep me safe.
I'm cocooned.

I'm thankful for a God Who isn't all spooky and so far above me that I can't reach Him.
I'm thankful for a God Who doesn't mind being my friend and loving me. And sometimes smacking me.
I'm thankful for a God Who smiles His smile wrinkles at me when I come to talk to Him.
I'm thankful for a God Who says, Where you been all day? Missed you.

I'm thankful for what He's given me this past year, and for what He's shown me, taught me.
I'm thankful He takes all the pieces of me and replaces them with the parts of Him.
I can't even scratch the surface of what He's meant to me this last year. My words are really small compared to what He is.

This is my beloved, and this is my friend.