November 06, 2011

thankful for...

I'm thankful for cows.
Because without them... there'd be no milk.
And then what would we drink with our Double Stuf Oreos? Ever thought about that???

I'm thankful for lifeguards.
Because without them... I'd be drowned and dead.
I'm also thankful for lifevests. For the same reason.

I'm thankful for mason jars and gladiolus.
Because mason jars are literally the best vases ever.
And because glads make me feel like I can't be anything but glad when they're on my kitchen table.

I'm thankful for trees.
Because without them... I'd never have known what it was like to climb a tree, fall out, lay there gasping for air, and then choke out to my little friend standing there beside my dying self, My lungs are collapsed! My lungs are collapsed! Get my mom!
Valuable life lesson learned: Don't climb trees ever again. Possible lung collapse could occur.

I'm thankful for water.
Because without it... I'd be thirsty.

I'm thankful for the sun.
Because without it... I'd be alot colder than I already am.
Also, I'd be dead.

Do you ever just look around you like, Dang! Look at all this wonderfulness!
Sometimes I'll just sit there and stare at my glads in a jar, or a big fat cloud, or a zebra striped tree and think to myself, Wow. Just wow.
(I don't stare at the sun though. Because of holes and burning and retinas and stuff. Just so you know.)
God outdoes Himself in the seemingly small stuff.
I'm so thankful He does. It gives me alot to enjoy.