November 01, 2011

little gnome baby

It's November 1st.
As in November, as in next comes December, as in the year is almost over.
This is so sad. It's been a good year, I hate to see it go. Except my birthday is in December... so now that I've remembered that, it's not so sad. I love my birthday!
November is Thanksgiving month, and Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner.
(Please don't call it turkey day. I'll want to gouge your eyeballs out. Not that I'll actually do it, I'll just want to. Give God a day of thankfulness and don't hand it over to the turkey dinner.)
Thanksgiving kinda gets lost in the Christmas shuffle sometimes (Or in our family, the Christmas slash forty eleven birthdays shuffle). But it shouldn't. Because thankfulness is important.
I don't want to forget to be thankful.
So on that note, I'll try to post something thanksgivingish every day this month. Try. It might not happen every single day, but that's the goal.

So for today...

It's a baby! It's not mine. It belongs to my friend Heather, who is married to Adam, who is the son of my other dear friend Mrs. Hoover, who happens to be one super excited grandma. Now that you have the genealogy part, this baby is a girl and according to her dad, her name is Princess. She was born yesterday afternoon. She looks like a gnome. She's two weeks early and just shy of 6 lbs. She screams something awful when she's not swaddled. Her nose is chubby. Her cheeks are also chubby. Her little bum is so darn cute. I'm holding her in that picture. She has the cutest voice and sounds like a little sheep. She has ten fingers and ten toes. Her umbilical cord looks like snot. She has tons of dark hair. I said awwwwwwwww approximately 500 times. I said she's so cute approximately 500 times. I sounded redundant but it was okay because so did everyone else. One of her aunties calls her Baby Boo. (Get it? Because yesterday was halloween? I hate halloween, by the way. Just so you know.) I call her Little Gnome Baby because that's what she looks like. A cute little gnome with a cute little bum. I wanna sqeeze her.

New life is so wonderful.
Babies make the whole world shiny.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.  Psalm 68:19