November 17, 2011

thankful for...

1.  The silly things kids say:

Emma, age 7, just done watching Pollyanna: I don't much care for the part when Pollyanna gets her legs fertilized falling out of that tree.
Fertilized = paralyzed. They sound the same, right?

Joshua, age 5, thoughtfully looking at a package of hamburger: Ground beef.... that's beef, but underground...
That so makes sense! 

Marianna, age 8, checking out a litter of five kittens at the mechanic's shop: Whatcha wanna bet some those are twins???
Dear Marianna, whatcha wanna bet they're like, quintuplets?

2.  Morning ritual. Coffee in a yellow mug, Greek God's Honey Strawberry yogurt, my corner of the couch, Moma across the room, us reading our Bibles.

3.  Heated toilets seats. You have no idea how wonderful those things are when you're literally freezing your hiney off. It's like, I never want to get up. Stop knocking on the door! 5 more minutes!

4.  God fixing my car heater. Yesterday morning, it would only blow out of the defrost vents and my toes turned to frozen tundra. I punched the dash a few times to see if that would fix it. It didn't. So finally, when I pulled into the church parking lot last night, I prayed from sheer frozen toed desperation, God, please provide. And after church, the darn thing was fixed. Like, I turned it on and it was blowing out of the floor vents. And I'm sure that wasn't coincidence.

5.  God gluing my paycheck to the ground. Because I put it in my pocket and it fell out on the sidewalk when I pulled my phone out of the same pocket and the wind was blowing like crazy, and when I realized it was missing an hour later, I thought, Bye-bye paycheck. But when Karen looked for it, there it was, calmly stuck to the sidewalk, with God glue, in the midst of wind.

6.  Thanksgiving plans. For the first time ever, I'm not going to a big fat family dinner. My family is going to see their other family in MT. I'm not even going to a big fat friend dinner. Me, Moma, and our friend Sherry are going to our other friend Tracy's house on the lake and having a sleepover. And a Thanksgiving breakfast (huckleberry pancakes and egg souffle). And old movies (Doris Day, thank you very much). And Thanksgiving dinner (I'm not cooking. They are. Thank God.). And hot chocolate, and blankies, and snow outside. I'm super excited! I feel like when I was a little kid, Mom mom mom??? How long 'til Anna's spend-the-night birthday party??? Huh huh huh??? NEXT WEEK!!! But that's forever!

7.  Crocheted dishrags. Tracy, the same Tracy I'm spending Thanksgiving with, made me some. I love crocheted dishrags, but especially these. They look like flowers. And they're bright. And I smile every time I look at them.

8.  Weekend plans. I'm going to the Hoover's place tomorrow. If it doesn't blizzard, that is. If it blizzards, then I'll be at home where the bad roads can't get me. Mrs. Hoover said we could do something fun while I'm there. She said we could sit out on the back porch, with our blankies and hot chocolate, and seek God and look at the snow. I said how 'bout we seek God by the wood burning stove downstairs, huh?
Sometimes, I amaze myself by how much sense I make. Mrs. Hoover said I'm a wuss though.

9.  Warm stuff. Anything that keeps me warm. Like sweaters, gloves, hats, toilet seats, Starbucks, soup, flame throwers, fire breathing dragons...

10.  My new yellow tights from Target. And my new jeggings, also from Target. I had no idea a pair of yellow tights could make me feel so dang cheerful. It's like, who can run around with yellow legs and not feel happy?

11.  Hair tutorials. I was blog hopping around and found these two hair tutorials, and I tried them, and they work! And I love them! Except my hair doesn't look quite like the girl's in the tutorial, it kinda... sticks out all over. But who cares? I'm happy with it. And here are the links if you want to try them out yourself:


12.  Chap stick. I carry it everywhere with me. At all times. Because sometimes... My lips hurt real bad! Uh! Idiot!