November 05, 2011

lovely sister

I was just texting Karen.

Me: do you have fairly recent pics of the four older girls that i can have? i want to put them in the hall of fame.
(Explanation: The hall of fame is my hallway. I'm using it for the girls astronomy class. We hang stuff there.)

Karen: no i dont. i need a camera. im going to ask for a camera and ipad this year. and a color printer. and 2 bookshelves and chair for entry, and new dining chairs and a dresser for the girls. that's all.

That's all? She's so easy to please.
I forgot about her not having a camera. I forgot she dropped her brand spanking new one in the ocean earlier this year when she and Tim were in Tonga.
I'm not sure how I could forget that whole dramatic event.
How she was sailing on a yacht, wind blowing in her hair. How she was taking a picture of the beautiful island scenery, wind blowing in her hair. How the camera strap wasn't secured around her wrist, the wind still blowing her hair. How the camera mysteriously slid from her grasp and landed on the boat. How it teetered on the edge while Karen's eyes widened in horror and her nostrils did too. How she prayed, Oh Lord! Don't let it drop! How it dropped anyway, sank to the bottom of the ocean, and then she thought, How could you, Lord? How she sat down hard in shock and disbelief that God had just allowed that to happen. And how she felt sick to her stomach. All the while, the wind was blowing her hair.

I'm not sure how I could forget all that.

I'm thankful for Karen.
Because she's so easy to please.
Because her nostrils widen farther than anyone else's.
Because she loves me and I love her.
Because she keeps me cracked up.
And because she's my sister friend.

Us, minus the wind blowing our hair.

Ah. Karen just sent this text too.

Karen: well, let me tell you more... a new cell phone that hasnt been dropped in water and lemonade and takes pics. new carpet or a carpet cleaner. a personal chef to cook for our family. and some pretty feminine clothes.

I forwarded these to Tim.
Isn't she lovely?